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BOLETAS Tour Leaders

Born in Cuenca. He moved to Barcelona very young and to Loporzano (Huesca) in 1994, founding with Esther Diago the Birdwatching Centre “Boletas”. He is the principal of Boletas Birdwatching Centre and guides most tours. Josele has led over 150 groups in Spain and Morocco. His expertise and in-depth knowledge of these regions is well known to clients from across the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Member of SEO-Birdlife, among other conservationist groups. Associated with mountaineering groups in Catalonia since the age of 10, he is well acquainted with the pre-Pyrenees and the Pyrenees and all the good ornithological sites in the north east of Spain. In 1984 he moved to England to study English, where he lived for a year and acquired his interest in birds. Since the 80’s he has been a keen visitor to the network of natural areas of Spain, especially Catalonia, Aragon, Picos de Europa and Extremadura, in order to develop his ornithological interest. As a nature guide and educator he has collaborated as a mountain and birdwatching guide for individuals and companies: Sheffield Walking Group-UK, Horizon Nature-F, Sherwood Bird Tours -UK, Birdseekers- UK, Dursley Birdwatching Club-UK. Ibis Excursions-DK., Clem Dietze-USA, Challenger Tours-USA. Victor Emanuel Tours-USA, Limosa Holidays-UK, Heatherlea Wildlife-UK, Aragon Natura-NL, Celtic Bird Tours-UK. Active participant in conservation work and studies of birds in Aragon, monitor of IBA 164 Sierra de Guara.Undertakes frequent personal bird watching trips around the Western Paleacrtic ( ie: Iceland, UK, Turkey, Israel, France, Finland , Morocco). Fluent in Catalan, English and French. Josele has guided tours in Spain, Morocco, Israel, Galápagos, Cuba, Namibia , Bulgaria, Uganda and Iceland.

Mr. Josele J. Saiz is an expert in the design and organisation of birdwatching and nature holidays, he can work out customised walking and birdwatching/nature tours for any number of persons anywhere in Spain or Morocco. Just tell us which species you would like to observe or which sites you want to visit. His intimate knowledge of our country permits us to guarantee a high success level in the observation of the most sought after species. We offer tours to other birdwatching companies, bird clubs or nature groups our experience and ability in the organisation of tours , being Spanish ground agents for several of them.

Andy Howes

He will be your contact in Britain for all enquires and to assist all of those who either wish to book a tour or just accommodation. Email him - andyhowesuk@gmail.com - or give him a call on Leicester (0116) 2889318.

Andy is based in Leicester and has been birdwatching for nearly forty years. More importantly, he has been arranging and taking groups of his own friends on birding trips around the world, including several visits to the United States , South and Central America and south-east Asia . He has also visited many European destinations with Spain featuring on a regular basis. He is therefore completely familiar with our itineraries there (and in Morocco ).

If you are coming from the UK then we would always like you to contact him direct, as he will always know about flights, be able to answer any queries you might have and if you are part of a tour group he will know the travel arrangements of the others in that group. This not only helps you, but saves us much administrative time, which is reflected in the cost of your package.

Peter Roberts

Born and based in Britain, lives on the Scottish island of Islay and has been a keen naturalist since childhood in London. While birds are his main interest, close contenders include whale-watching, the big game animals of Africa, snorkelling and the study of insects. A varied, lifelong career has included conservation and wildlife-related work from nature reserve management and teaching wildlife field courses, to ornithological survey and research, environmental consultancy and work for the UK government’s Department of the Environment. Wardening the bird-ringing station on the Welsh island of Bardsey for seven years and a year managing the Aldabra Research Station in the Indian Ocean stimulated a passion for seabirds and islands.

His tour-leading work over the past 35 years has taken him to nearly 100 countries worldwide from Antarctica to the Arctic and to all seven continents. Extensive travel studying wildlife in Africa includes visits to 16 countries and over 22 specialist safaris to Tanzania. Peter has an MSc in woodland invertebrate ecology and published research on various subjects from feeding ecology of fruit bats to bird migration, identification and behaviour through to ecology of seabirds and Red-billed Choughs. He will be our guide in Tanzania

Alberto Bueno

Born in Huesca in 1962. Member of SEO-BirdLife since 1978. At the age of 14 a group of Dutch birdwatchers employed his services to localize and observe the Dupont's Lark. Well acquainted with all the good ornithological sites in the northeast of Spain, he is considered the first spanish involved in birdwatching guide work. Author of numerous articles about the birds of Aragón and several texts for the book "Where to Watch Birds in Spain" edited by SEO-BirdLife.

During many years he has organized private tours and collaborated with different nature tours companies (from Europe and USA) that operate in Spain. Has collaborated with Boletas Birdwatching centre since its foundation working as a bird guide. Since 1998 Alberto works as a "forest ranger" and naturalist for the regional government of Aragón, and he lives at the steppe area of Monegros, he has a deep knowledge of the steppe birds (mainly bustards, sandgrouse and larks) and where to find them. During the past twenty years together with Peter Roberts have led every spring the most comprehensive and successful two weeks birding tour in Spain specially designed for american birders (with a total range of 266 species recorded).

Amanda Borrows

Born and based in UK. Her personal attributes include excellent interpersonal and formal communication skills. She is a well-motivated, professional individual with self-discipline, who can work on my own as well as part of a team. She has enthusiasm, which has been referred to as infectious. She is an organizer and a resourceful person with the initiative to think on my feet to make sure a situation runs smoothly.

Amanda has a wide experience organizing and guiding tours undertaking a variety of habitat & identification survey skills; protected species monitoring & guidance lines for management purposes and national data for relevant wildlife organizations. She has also experience working with volunteers & the local community to enthuse & inspire to become motivated & involved with projects, from wildlife surveys, environmental education to conservation tasks. Amanda has extensive travel experience over the past 20 years visiting various parts of the world such as, Europe, Russia, Siberia, China, SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South, & CentralAmerica. In addition she has overseas work experience, such as: Voluntary ,Bird & Bat Scientific Expedition Leader living & working in the Peruvian Jungle for ten months ,Six months working as an Eco-lodge Manager at an award winning Inn in the Ecuadorian Andes. Wihtout doubt Amanda is the perfect guide for our Orchids and Birds tour in the High Pyrenees.

Harry Barnard

Harry has recently completed his A level courses. His interest in all aspects of the natural world began at a very early age. Indeed his first encounter with Josele was at the tender age of six.

Birding has always been his greatest passion and one in which he has been involved for the last fifteen years. During this time he has birded extensively within the Western Palearctic and for the past six years the New World, where he has twice visited the great birding state of Texas and spent time in Arizona. Harry made his acquaintance with the diverse avifauna of the Neotropics during an extended visit to Costa Rica. Here he has benefited from the guidance of one of the New Worlds foremost bird guides and has subsequently returned thwice within a year to a country he now considers a second home. Since his examinations in June, he has spent a month guiding at Rancho naturalista birding lodge in Costa Rica followed by two and a half weeks birding in Ecuador. After a productive Autumn of birding he is returning to Latin America for the high season. First spending a fortnight in Guatamala before returning to Costa Rica where he is spending 3 months as a resident Guide at Rancho naturalista , this will be his his 6th visit to the country.

He is cooperating with BOLETAS as trainee guide. His deep knowledge of nature is something extraordinary for a person of his age. Boletas is extremely proud of helping him in his career and having him in the team.

Cristian Jensen Marcet

Cristian was born in Málaga but grew up in Barcelona. Having a Danish father and a Catalan mother. He has been an enthusiastic birder since he was 12 years old and has been bird watching all over Spain (including the islands) and half of Europe. He has been working professionally in different aspects of bird life during the last ten years. He has been involved in conservation work like the reintroduction of Peregrine Falcons in Barcelona and worked in Mauritius for Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. He has also volunteered for many years in DEPANA (Nature Conservation NGO). He is a member of SEO/Birdlife and the Ornithological Catalan Institut (ICO). He has worked for ICO, DEPANA and the Iberian Ringing Group (GIA) as ringer or research assistant. He has also participated in educational projects for schools, but the last 3 years he has become increasingly focused on leading birding tours throughout Spain.

Cristian is an educated forest ranger and environmental educator. He speaks Spanish, Catalan and English and also basic Danish and French.

In Audouin Birding Tours, Cristian is doing most of the guidings and is also responsible for the customer contact to our Spanish customers.

Jaume Soler Zurita

Jaume is born in Catalonia near Barcelona. He is an enthusiastic birder and experienced guide. Jaume is been working for us since 2009 and he is been a hugely successful leader in many of our tours: Extremadura, Pyrenees, Ebro Plains, Ebro Delta, Ports, and many others. Educated as environmentalist, gives to our tours a broad vision about nature. Nothing escapes to his knowledge: vegetation, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, mammals including bats (his new passion!) and of course birds.

He has undertaken several research projects in Spain, related to the Ebro Steppes and ecology in forest birds. Apart from guiding tours he also runs DAURICA, a consultancy firm focused on management and conservation of nature, biodiversity promotion and environmental education.

He has also worked for SEO/Birdlife monitoring Alpine birds in the Pyrenees. He improved his English in Ireland been and field assistant for several Nature Parks.

He is friendly and at the same time funny, making any time with him a memorable and unforgettable. He is patient and relax but at the same time intense. He is speaks Spanish, Catalan and English.


Dani Cazo Monesma

Daniel was born in Huesca, where his interest for nature and wildlife began at a very early age. Being a passionate birder, he has been watching birds since the age of 10. He is also interested in bird photography, which he founds a very useful tool for studying both bird plumage and behavior.

He spent two years working on sttepe  birds surveys for their management and conservation, mainly sandgrouses, bustards and Lesser Kestrels in the Ebro Steppes. He has also worked for seven years as a forest ranger in the Pyrenees and river Cinca valley.

Along the last ten years he has been doing some environmental education talks for children and adults focusing mainly on bird ecology and migration. He finds it very rewarding being able to transmit even just a little bit of his great passion for birds to other people. That passion is what always leads him through the exciting adventure of birdwatching. Daniel has guided several Boletas tours in the North- East Spain and will continue guiding Boletas tours in the futures when Josele decide to stop guiding tours.



Ignacio Yúfera, Chris Townend, Steve West and David Moreno, among others, regularly assist in guiding tours for Boletas. Thanks must also go to our local expert guides in Bulgaria, Namibia, Uganda, Cuba, Ethiopia and Senegal. Local knowledge of their country's birdlife contributes to the best nature experiences, they also ensure really top-quality local information.

We are pleased to give you all the information you will need on your visit to Spain. To avoid disappointment do not leave any questions or worries that you have until the last minute as in the high season our guides may be out leading tours and will not be available to answer them.

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