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Due to the popularity of our photographic tours we have been working hard towards giving you the opportunity to visit us – from as early as next year – to work with four of the most beautiful Iberian eagles, Bonelli's, Golden, Short-toed and Booted.

We have already done half of the work and are pleased to be able to offer you the excitement of working with two of them. For two years now we have been working with Bonelli's and Golden Eagles, studying two territories where both adults develop their daily routines. We know most of their habitats - where they hunt, breed, roost, perch etc., so using this knowledge we have identified two areas where the birds are confident to hunt and feed. This is where we will set up our hides for those of you who would like to enjoy the experience of photographing these magnificent creatures. We are confident that over two days with each species you will have succeeded in capturing some great shots. As we need to leave one day without feeding the eagles we will also visit a feeding station for vultures.


Day 1 – We will meet you at Zaragoza Airport (or you can fly to Barcelona and use the high speed rail link to Zaragoza) and transfer to our base in the area.

Days 2, 3, and 5 – Each day will be planned according to the weather conditions. Our main targets will be Golden and Bonelli's Eagles. You will have two full days inside a hide in each territory. There are of course many other interesting birds around and you will also have an opportunity to photograph Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture (both at feeding stations), Black Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, White Stork, Red Kite and Black Kite. Overnight in the area.

Day 4 - One full day in a feeding station where there will be good chances to photograph Griffon Vulture and Red Kite. Overnight in the area.

Day 6 – Drive to the airport (or train station for transfer back to Barcelona).

NB - Clients arriving at Barcelona Airport will need to transfer to Zaragoza by high speed train - a local connection operates direct from the airport to Barcelona train station. Pre booked the full return fare will be about 80 Euros (£60+).


Additional Information

Photo tour Eagles

Hide: We use several types of hide, set between 900 and 1500 metres. Some hides are built of wood and waterproofed and can accommodate two persons in comfortable seating, most hides are single use built on canvas and waterproofed, although when there is heavy rain we will not risk feeding the eagles. We will provide you with a chair and a container for urinal facilities, as well as a flask with hot tea.

Clothing:   Weather in the high mountains can be unpredictable. Due to the altitude, persons should be prepared for cold weather although it rarely remains below zero for the whole day. Please check the weather forecast one or two days before the tour starts.

Equipment: The distance from the hide to the feeding station, where birds could stop or fly in front of  observers varies between 40 and 70 metres. Recommended focal lengths are 500 mm .

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