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Single room supplement


Group size

8/9 people

Tour leader

Josele Saiz plus local guides


London -Port Moresby - Mt. Hagen -Port Moresby - London

What´s included

All ground transport, all meals, services of guides and reserve entrance fees.

What´s not included

Transport to / from UK and any overnight stay that may be involved, travel insurance, drinks and any items of a purely personal nature.Internal Flight to Mt. Hagen.

Tour code

Your accommodation will be Magic Mountain Nature lodge  – Mt. Hagen & Holiday Inn Hotel  in Port Moresby.

Importantly your program coincides with the Mt. Hagen show.  You will see Bop paradise feathers and displays in their habitat.  Man replicates the birds life style in a dance. So it is good to alien.

Transpor:t in 4x4 vehicles where convenient.

Tour Pace & Walking: Moderate pace with some longer hikes.

Selected species list

Regiana Bop the national Bird, Lessier Bop, Blue Bop, Stephanie Astraphia, King of Saxony, Superb Bop, Ribbon Tailed, Astraphia,Single Bill Bop

More information


Birds of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are spectacular in their natural beauties and can be fascinating experience to watch.  Some species of birds are extrovert; they take pride in their elaborate courtship displays while others are more evasive while others are nocturnal. Part of the fun is trying to locate them in their habitats. Be prepared to stay a while and you are guaranteed to have an encounter with some of the most unique, colorful and endemic species.  Endangered extinction  More than 100 species of birds of PNG can be seen at Magic Mountain and nearby locations.  The National bird is Regianna bird of Paradise which is red in color and can be found in the lowlands of the Highlands and PNG, some are extinct and ample time required to search and locate them .
Other species can be seen at Magic Mountain and other locations but birds of Paradise  in selected  locations after few hours’ drive such as the Reggina BOP which is in the lower lands of Mt. Hagen.  The program reflects that, however you could do one location in the morning and other in the afternoon depending on the birds appearance and your observations and satisfaction.
Some of the unique species that you would expect to see while in Mt. Hagen are:   Regianna bird of paradise, blue bird of paradise, lesser bird of Paradise, superb bird of paradise, parrots, black seagull, King of Saxony and other endangered species.
Accommodation will be at Magic Mountain Nature Lodge. Mosquitoes and malaria are uncommon here because of the cold climate. Papua New Guinea is home to many plants and animals not found anywhere else on earth. Thirty-eight (38)  of the 43 known birds of paradise


Day 1 – 
Your flight to Mt. Hagen is PX180. Deprt 8:30am/ Arrive Mt. Hagen 9:30am
Meet/greet on arrival in Hagen and transfer to Magic Mountain Nature lodge.  Mt. Hagen airport to Magic Mountain Nature lodge is about an hrs drive. The road to Magic Mountain is sealed but pot holes are common because of heavy traffic and lack of maintenance.  A km from the turn of to Magic Mountain is not sealed. We use 4wheel drive.  You have the chance of seeing local markets, the people, farms and huts as you travel towards Magic Mountain. The scenery is special and beautiful surrounded with mountain ranges.
Check in and after check in take time out in the gardens for birds and exotic plants.  O/night in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Birds likely to be encounted while at the lodge are:
Red Colored Myzomela, Yellow Browed Melidectors, Belford Melidectors, Hooded Manikins, White Shouldered Fairy Wren, Willie Wag Tail, Pied Chat, Blue Grey Robin, Brown Sickle Bill, Orange Crowned Fairy Wren, Bremhns Tiger Parrot,  Rufous Snapped Whistler, King of Saxony – BOP, Superb  BOP, Niugini White Eyes, Island Leaf Warbler, Black Butcher Bird, Ornate Maledicts,  Common Smoky Honey Eater, Fan Tail Berry Pecker, Friendly Fan Tail, Black Fain Tail, Dimorphic Fan Tail,  Long Tailor Strike, Yellow Billed Lorikeet, Orange Billed Lorikeet, Brown Breasted Durigin, , Papuan Lorikeet, Macgregor  Bower Bird, Black Kite, Brahminy Kite, Glossy Swiflet, Great Wood Swallow, Brush Cuckoo, Fan Tail Cuckoo,  Black Pitohui and more.

Magic Mountain Nature Lodge is set in a natural and lush environment.  Based on typical Highland’s architectural design, the lodge perfectly blends into the natural environment and traditional identities of the people living at Paiya village. This would be a magical experience offering facilities that places high emphasis on quality and standards.  All units self –contained (toilet and shower inside) 24 hours electricity and hot water system.  Magic Mountain nature lodge is about 40 minutes drive from Mt. Hagen.  It is located at the foot of Mt. Hagen. Many tourists have highly recommended Magic Mountain Nature lodge because of its setting and scenic views overlooking Mt. Hagen valley.

Day 2 -."Reggiana BOP" This bird can be seen in one location which is about 1 hours drive from Magic Mountain, and 10 minutes walk to the birding site. Spend sufficient time here watch the bird  singing/dancing and display. You also have the change of seeing other species of BOP Superb BOP, Magnificent-  BOP, Trumpet Manicored BOP,  Jobi Manicored- BOP and other non BOP species – Helmet Fria Bird. Yellow Breasted Bower Bird, Rainbow Lorikeet, Hooded Pitohui, Doubled Eyed Pygmy Parrot, Clamorous Reed Warbler, White Shoulder Fairy  Wren, Great Wood Swallow, Little Grass Bird, Dollar bird, Purple Swamp Hen and more.After lunch transfer to Paiya village for Superb Bird of Paradise and other species and continue to Magic Mountain and overnight inMagic Mountain Nature lodge .

Day 3 –    “Blue BOP” Early B/fast and  transfer to Rondon for Blue BOP and King of Saxony and other None species of BOP.  After satisfy seeing the BOP  retire to Kumul lodge and spend time there for birds that come to the feeding table and fed  and retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 4 –    “Lesser BOP” Early B/fast and transfer to Baiyer River for Lesser Bird of Paradise. It will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive there.  Birds come for supper at around 4:00pm. Wait patiently before you get a full display.  You also have the chance of seeing other bird species such as Hooded Pitohui, Zoe Imperial Pigeon, Trumpet Manucorded, Jobi  Manucored, Southern Baza, Helmetted Friar Bird, Great Egret, White Shouldered Fairy Wren, Yellow Breasted Bower Bird, Sulphuric – Crested Cockatoo, Bhlys Hornbill, Black Winged Kite, Black Kite, Rainbow Lorikeet, Dollar Bird ,Purple  Swamp Hen and other bird species.  Retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge or local hut.

Day 5 –  Continue birding and continue to Baiyer River Bird sanctuary once renowned for bird species..  Note:  currently going major redevelopment.   Afternoon retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 6 – Rondon – Rondon is about 50km and one hour 30 minutes drive from Magic Mountain.B/fast at 4:30 am and 5:00am transfer to Rondon and continue to the birding site for 1 hours walk. There birding treks built for birding. You will take time to walk along the treks and see birds named bellow including other species. This will be a full day program.

King of Saxony, Princes Stephanie’s Astraphia Superb Bird of paradise., Brown Sickle Bill, Black Sickle Bill, Short Tailed Paradigalla, Blue Bird of paradise ( Note Blue Bird of Paradise will take one full day to view because of the distance.)  Other non birds of Paradise. Honey Eater, Blue Capped Ifritta,Fantails, Robins, Swallows,   Whistlers, Doves & Pigeons,  Falcons, Parrots, Lorikeets. Bower Birds, Scrub Wrens, Berry Packers, Cuckoo – Shrike, Goshawk & Kites and other species.

Scenic view is spectacular from Rondon overlooking Mt. Hagen town and Waghi valley.Overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 7  –Full day at Magic Mountain.This day will be spent at Magic mountain enjoying natures surrounding the lodge, bit of trekking and birding as well. Retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 8 –  Full day birding in Rondon or other locations where birds have not been well covered. Retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 9 – Early breakfast and transfer to Paiya mini show, about less than 7 Kms from Magic mountain.  Welcome by the chief and wives in traditional attire.  Paiya mini/pre - show involves different dancing groups from different parts of the province/country. Performers decorated with plumes of bird of paradise, body ornaments and grass skirts; face decorations with clay, charcoal traditional paints.
An opportunity to see them all from preparations to actual show on the main arena followed with mock fighting using shield, bows and arrows, traditional marriage - exchanging pigs, money and other valuables.  The day ends with a local cuisine called “Mumu” prepared underground oven covered with hot stones, leaves and veggies, a  chance to savor local cuisine. 
Paiya mini show has been highly commended because of the village setting that perfectly blends with the environment and friendly people.  Retire to Magic Mountain and overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 10  –   Early breakfast and transfer to Mt. Hagen show ground for the Mt. Hagen culture show. This will be a big festival that involves more than 80 ethnical dancing groups from the Highlands and costal – PNG.  Transfer early in order to see the perorations to performance.  The show goes on for 2 x days. Tourists will be allowed to enter the main arena with tourist’s badge.  Tourists will enjoy taking photos, seeing the show, mingling with performers and learn about different cultures.  Afternoon retire to hotel/lodge and refreshed for few minutes and continue to Waghi valley for coffee and tea plantations and Mt. Hagen market- one of the best markets in PNG that sells mostly vegetables and fruits.Overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 11 Continue Mt. Hagen show for the second day.Overnight in Magic Mountain Nature lodge.

Day 12 –
Your flgith to Port Moresby is Px 181. Depart 10:00am
B/fast and transfer to Mt. Hagen airport and onward to Port Moresby. Meet  by local guide an transfer to hotel /lodge.  If time permits transfer to Botanical garden for birds kept in Aviary. Retire late afternoon for dinner and overnight in Holiday Inn Hotel.

Day 13 – Warirata – National park outside of Port Moresby.Early B/fast and transfer to Warirat National park which is about 50kms from Port Moresby / 1hr 20minutes drive.  Spend able time here visiting different sites for lowland   birds including Regianna Bop.
Retrie in the afternoon and stop over at National wild life Park and visit the birds kept in an Aviary including the birds of paradise.  The area is well managed with lot of orchids, snakes and crocodiles.
Continue to Port Moresby/ Overnight in Holiday Inn Hotel.  

Day 14 –  B/fast and transfer to international airport – Port Moresby for international destination.



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